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About Crystals

Crystals have been gifts of our wonderful Earth since time immemorial. As Nikola Tesla put it “Crystals are living beings at the beginning of creation", they are known to contain secrets of the universe.

Once discovered, crystals have been used in myriads of ways to help humanity evolve in all aspects of life, be it physical, mental, spiritual, psychosomatic, technology and also material gain.

The Ancients knew how to harness their power and vibrations so that they could even be used for medicinal purposes and sacred rites, truly symbolic of their oneness and connection to Nature and Her gifts.

Even today crystals continue to aid humanity in unprecedented ways, contributing to the body, mind, and spirit in their full capacity, while bringing sensitivity, aesthetics and beauty to our life. They are truly interactive, pure, conscious living beings who love to give us what we require, in any aspect of our life.

Once we attune to their energy, they can create miracles for us, enhance every area of life, heal and befriend us, not to forget how brilliant they are in bringing about change to levels where, through their frequency and vibrations, our own ascension process is amplified and magnified.

Every crystal has a unique healing power, distinct properties and character. They, like us, are individuated consciousness vibrating at higher frequencies, which, when programmed through a deep intentional connection, can raise our own vibrations to attract the good life we all dream of.

No amount of available information on crystals can be absolute, they need to be experienced, welcomed and allowed into our life. It's a subjective, interactive journey.

Crystal healing can be described as the application of crystals to the body, which in turn restores the body's energy system to balance and coherence.

It is not meant to interfere or replace any line of treatment through traditional medical sources nor is it a substitute for medical advice.